Guns, weapons should be banned

The school shooting on Dec. 14 in Newtown, Conn., is horrible and proves that there is a link between mental illness and gun violence. That link has been known for many, many years. Those who say that people kill people, not guns, must understand, both guns and people kill people. To end gun violence permanently, all kinds of deadly weapons, handguns, rifles, automatic guns, etc., must be banned without delay. It needs to happen today, not tomorrow and the public should not be allowed to buy guns and any kind of weapons.

Only the police and military should have guns and weapons and Congress must make a law to ban, not control, guns and weapons forever – and the law must be enforced.

Instead of wasting time to talk/discuss, Congress must act now, before they go home for Christmas, and that action means make a law and enforce it to end gun violence permanently. I am reading in newspapers and watching TV about people wanting to end gun violence forever by banning guns. All those opponents of banning guns are silent – murderers and shame, shame, shame on them. Gun-banning is not enough, mental illness also must be treated, but not be punished, so, Congress must provide enough funds for mental health and to ban guns permanently.