We need God in schools

This latest shooting of innocent children and school personelle must be a wake-up call for all Christians. Yes, we will hear all about gun control, lockdown of schools and the death penalty for killing children; and, yet, there will be more violence. That is not the answer. Our president wants concrete suggestions on how we can keep this from happening again. Well, here is my suggestion. All Christians must speak out. Yes, we will pray in schools, those who wish not to can opt out. Yes, we will pray in government buildings, those who do not, may remain silent. Yes, we will pray in public buildings and those who do not wish to may leave.

We Christians have let small interest groups tell us what we cannot do. Why have we let them take God out of the public sector? We are not telling them what to do. We are not asking them to pray, all we are asking is that we wish to. There in lies the answer. We need God in our lives if anything is going to change. God is telling us we need him. I would like to believe that we are a larger group than all the anti-God interest groups combined. Why are we staying silent?

We need God in our schools, we need God in the government, and we need God in all aspects of our lives. We need to speak out. We must stop the smut that is in the media, we must speak out against our government telling us we must pay taxes that will fund abortion, and we must speak out now. A country that does not respect the least among us, the baby in the womb, ends up not respecting any life. Christ came as a baby to save us. Christmas is not just another holiday for consumers; it is a time to reflect on why Jesus came into the world.