Memories are healing

One lazy morning I was listening to the radio – Christian radio to be exact. From my earliest memory, I was taken to a church where Bible stories were repeated so often, that you knew the story before the preacher would start his message. What I miss of that era are the old hymns, each one having a story in itself.

Most hymns are stories about someone who had suffered great loss; so much so that it moved them to write their pain of the experience; hoping that others can find solace in the words. Today, a deep bass was singing the song “Precious Memories.” The writer tells how precious the old memories are but to be precise, the hymn tells the story of “the good old days,” where everything seemed so secure and laid back – there was no immediate need to rush here or there.

The words say; “Precious memories, unseen angels – sent from somewhere to my soul. Precious memories, how they linger, how they ever flood my soul. In the stillness of the midnight, precious sacred scenes unfold.” This author remembers the promises of God and found them to be true; he just wanted to hold those memories a little closer because there is healing strength in them.

The art of remembering; is a gift from God – here, the writer says that angels bring the good things of the past, to our minds. The more we dwell on them, the more they come in healing numbers. The writer claims that memories are a “sacred vision” right from God. Well, we all have our abilities but not all of us may have had life-altering events that caused us to totally rely on God for our survival. The hymnist was basking in his memories, as God allowed them to cross his mind – especially in the evening hours; perhaps when he/she is sleepless. Scripture does the same for the seeker. It floods our lives with the memories of great things God has done for us. It reveals the truth about a Creator who loves us all – above all else, it reveals his plan to redeem us, and the amazing cost to implement it. We all have those precious memories of something whether they are about family or the death of some one. There is one thing God wants us to do: we must remember that we were his first.