Sodders wants state to have say in health care future

As the landscape of health care in the future changes, Sen. Steve Sodders, D-State Center, wants Iowa to have a say in its destiny.

He said that would be one of his priorities entering his second four-year term in the Iowa Senate, to ensure it’s not left just to the federal level.

“I agree that we should be a part of the health care exchange,” Sodders said. “The state should have some control of what it looks like.”

Sodders will return to the State Capitol in Des Moines for the 2013 legislative session, which begins Jan. 14.

Sodders also feels mental health programs need to be looked at especially for those needing what is known as sub-acute care lasting just a few days.

“That’s what we’re missing,” Sodders said.

Education reform will no doubt be a hot-button issue again as Gov. Terry Branstad gets set to unveil his reform plan. Sodders wants to make sure teachers have stability and don’t have to keep adjusting as new lawmakers come into office with different plans.

He said any education reform measures put into place should have a history of success.

“I’ve always maintained that if we are going to do anything at all it’s got to be proven to work,” Sodders said.

Along the lines of education reform, the state senator wants to continue to look at training a skilled workforce to match available jobs and future work.

Commercial property tax reform is a good bet to surface this session as well.

“We’ve got to still consider some some of commercial property tax reform as long as it doesn’t just shift the burden to residential property owners,” Sodders said.

Sodders is part of the majority in the Senate while the Republicans will again have the majority in the House. While Sodders again expects the two sides to disagree, he hopes this session will be productive.

“Ultimately, we have to get stuff done,” he said.

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