Records: Iowa murder suspect fantasized about rape

IOWA CITY – A 21-year-old Iowa man accused of killing his mother and abducting a woman after being released from prison last week underwent treatment as a teenager because he fantasized about raping women and almost acted upon his urges several times, according to a Wisconsin prosecutor.

Kirk Levin once told police that he had duct tape in his backpack because he was planning to use it to rape a girl, and was caught hiding in the basement of the home of another girl that he’d targeted to rape, Dane County, Wis. prosecutor Corey Stephan said at a hearing in 2009, according to a transcript. A doctor who counseled Levin warned that he would likely try to act on his violent sexual fantasies if he ever went off of unspecified medications, Stephan added.

Stephan was asking a judge to send Levin to prison in a car theft case, citing Levin’s increasingly dangerous behavior, which included burglarizing homes, stealing cars and engaging in fantasies involving kidnapping and rape.

“Obviously, if you have somebody who is a potential sex offender saying that they are planning on looking for somebody to tie up and rape, breaking into houses, that is an extremely serious public safety issue,” Stephan told the judge.

Levin was back in a courtroom Tuesday, this time in Sac City, Iowa, for an initial appearance on charges alleging that he fatally stabbed his mother Thursday at her farmhouse in Early. Investigators say that hours later he abducted and attempted to sexually assault a 21-year-old female acquaintance, who was eventually able to escape after a car accident.

A judge set bond at $1 million after Sac County Attorney Ben Smith noted that Levin had been in prison or on parole since age 17 and was facing disturbing allegations.

Levin did not enter a plea, and the supervisor of the public defender’s office appointed to represent him Tuesday declined comment.