Police to have summer academy for youth

A group of 20 Miller Middle School students will take part in the new Student Academy run by two members of the Marshalltown Police Department.

The program is designed to build character and role models, cut down on bullying and risky behavior such as alcohol and tobacco use and sexual behavior, and make them more healthy.

The cadets in the academy will be at-risk students selected by the school district and juvenile courts staff.

The program will take place at the YMCA-YWCA Cultural Center and will be run by the MPD’s Kraig Lageschulte and Brad Mauseth. The three-week academy will run in July.

The idea for this new academy came about after Chief Mike Tupper asked Lageschulte to start a program for youth.

Lageschulte serves as the school resource officer at Marshalltown High School and often gets asked by students what it’s like to be an officer. He said this academy will help students learn about that while also learning several other character-building traits.

Students will also get 90 minutes of physical activity each day and learn how they can help in the community.

The estimated cost of the program is $4,000 and they are looking for grants and donations from area service organizations. This year’s program is serving as a pilot program for the academy.

“If all goes well this year we may be able to expand for the following years,” Lageschulte said.