Anson students walk 1,350 miles

Anson Elementary School students walked all the way to Disney World, all without leaving the playground.

As part of a health school initiative, students have been walking laps in the playground during lunch recess twice a week and have reached their goal together of 1,350 miles – the distance to Disney World in Florida.

The program started Oct. 4 and averaged about 75 to 80 children participating each lunch recess.

“It has increased their physical activity,” said school nurse Sheri Edwards. “A lot of them really enjoyed the walking. I think they’ve done a really good job.”

The cool air of winter didn’t deter walkers, though many got sidetracked by other activities this season.

“They want to play in the snow instead of walk right now,” Edwards said.

Second grade teacher Ginna Randall said her students were very excited to take part in the walking program.

“They all wanted to tell me how many laps they walked at recess,” Randall said.

On Thursday, those who walked received certificates of recognition for helping the school reach the goal and all students got a Mickey Mouse necklace.

The walking students are not done yet as there is now a new goal to walk the equivalent of the distance to the Statue of Liberty, which will take another 1,106 miles.