Looking forward to Roundhouse reunion

What a great idea to have an alumni reunion/celebration at the Roundhouse (on Feb. 2). It should be a real pleasure to see many former MHS athletes (and fans). It is my feeling that this is NOT just for the “stars” but for everyone that has participated at the Roundhouse. You have all been a part of the success of Bobcat athletics.

I haven’t talked to Mr. Bell, but I would include cheerleaders and the pep band. I know how much I enjoy the pep band at our games. They are awesome! They have been for a long time. There is one former student that I would really enjoy seeing at this reunion. I don’t remember his name but he used to really get the crowd going with a surf board ride.

MHS athletes, coaches and fans are fortunate to have had Linda Leaton around and Bev Ingledue for so many years. Linda was so much help as the athletic secretary, often going above and beyond to help out. Bev is always there in the concession stand with a big smile. Be sure that you say hello to them if you see them.

Former athletes that can not attend: we would still like to hear from you. Send me an email (coachlamb@ymail.com) and I will make up a booklet for anyone that is interested. Tell us where you are living, working, about your family etc. If you have a special memory, tell us about it.

I have a special memory of the 1986 girls’ basketball state tournament. However, my best memory is the assembly on Monday when they had the auditorium full, had the players, coaches and cheerleaders in the orchestra pit, the pep band on the stage and raised us up to a standing ovation.

One last thought, former players you may have to introduce yourselves to me and others. Many of you have changed in appearance since you played. Hope to see a big crowd.