Beaman home explosion leaves occupants unhurt

A gas leak caused an explosion at a Beaman home early Sunday morning.

Grundy County Sheriff Rick Penning said the home on 104 Wadaloupe St. had liquefied petroleum gas instead of natural gas, which contributed to the explosion since LP gas is heavier than air.

“It kind of blew out the foundation, and it also blew the windows out,” Penning said.

Pressure from the explosion bowed the wall four to six inches from the home’s foundation, he added.

Penning said a water heater or other such device could have ignited the gas and caused the explosion. Surprisingly, the home’s occupants, Robert and Joni Sanderson, were unharmed even through they were sitting in the living room at the time.

Beaman Fire Department was on scene at the home just before 8 a.m. Sunday but didn’t need to extract anyone. Fire at the home was minimal and required no substantial effort to extinguish. The couple did not need medical attention.

The Sandersons are staying with family, Penning said. The Beaman Fire Department will continue to investigate the fire’s cause.

Attempts to contact the Sandersons failed at press time.