Local store unable to sell liquor for a month

A local convenience store will be unable to sell alcohol as part of the civil penalty imposed on it by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division.

The ruling prohibits Jiffy Convenience Store, 111 S. Third Ave., from selling alcohol for the 30 days starting Tuesday.

The penalty comes because the store’s clerk sold alcohol to a minor during a police compliance check in August.

Selling alcohol carries with it a criminal penalty for the clerk and a civil penalty for the business.

“They kind of get hit with a double whammy,” said Capt. Brian Batterson, with the Marshalltown Police Department.

Batterson is in charge of compliance checks for the MPD.

A $1,500 fine accompanies the 30-day penalty. The August violation is Jiffy’s second in two years. The store will need to make it until March 18, 2014 without another violation to avoid the next punitive step – another $1,500 fine and a 60-day suspension of its license.

Shari Coughenour, city clerk, said the delay is due to the city waiting until the court convicted the store clerk before filing the charge. So, the 90 days the city has to impose the penalty starts after the conviction.

Coughenour said the state does not require that the court find the clerk guilty of the sale to impose the penalty on the business, but the city waits to see it there is a conviction before filing because it is easier.

Jiffy’s owner could not be reached at press time.