Marshall County to contribute to Tallcorn Towers

The Marshall County Board of Supervisors agreed to help fund the Tallcorn Towers project during a meeting Tuesday.

The supervisors will contribute $61,250 in county funds to CommonBond Communities for the multi-million dollar project set to begin this year. The money comes from the Harvester TIF, which can only be designated for low income housing. The county will pay 50 percent of this contribution when the project is half done and the rest when the project is completed.

The supervisors recognized Jill Eaton, community services director, for an award she recently received known as the Excellence in Action award from the Iowa State Association of Counties.

“Jill does a fantastic, outstanding job administering the mental health portion of our budget,” said Dave Thompson, chair of the supervisors.

Three new hires were approved by the supervisors including retired Marshalltown Police Chief Jack McAllister as a part-time courthouse officer at a pay rate of $15 an hour and Douglas Huston and Andy Bryant as part-time truck operators in secondary roads at a rate of $18.99 an hour. The secondary roads staff will help with snow removal.