‘Bully’ documentary coming to Orpheum

The director of the Orpheum said she is honored that the Superintendent of the Sioux City school district, featured in the film “Bully,” will be present during a discussion following the film.

The theater will show “Bully” 7 p.m. Jan. 24. The film follows high school students in Iowa, Texas, Mississippi and Oklahoma during the 2009 school year.

“It’s a poignant expose of the day-to-day reality of bullying in our schools in all its ugliness,” Pip Gordon, Orpheum director said. “It is also a powerful reminder that we can help alleviate bullying in our schools.”

Marshalltown High School Principal Aiddy Phomvisay will facilitate a discussion following the movie. Paul Gausman, superintendent of the Sioux City School district, will be present for the discussion. Gausman was a keynote speaker on bullying at Gov. Terry Branstad’s anti-bullying summit in Des Moines.

Gordon said the opportunity to have the subject of a film to be discussed sitting in the room is a rarity. She called Gausman an authority on the subject of bullying.

His words carry the weight of having lived through a difficult ordeal and being able to come up with solutions to such a problem. His experience should prove useful to Marshalltown as it continues its Not In Our Town campaign in an attempt to stamp out bullying, Gordon said.

Only 152 tickets are available. Gordon encouraged those wanting to attend to call in advance to get tickets.