Teen duo arrested for burglary

A pair of juveniles have been released to their parents’ custody following a burglary Wednesday morning.

Two 17-year-old girls face third-degree burglary charges after they allegedly entered the home of Alfredo Rodriguez, 302 N. 12th Ave. just after 10 a.m.

Rodriguez was gone when the girls entered his home through an unlocked door, said Capt. Brian Batterson, with the Marshalltown Police Department, but returned home to find them rummaging around in a back room.

Rodriguez detained the two teens until police arrived. Police arrested and processed the girls at the Marshalltown Police Department whereupon they released them to their parents pending their appearance with the juvenile court.

The girls had less than $20 in change in their backpacks, which police recovered, Batterson said. The girls were compliant with Rodriguez. Third-degree burglary is a Class D felony.