Bernal at Sundance to share tragic border story

PARK CITY, Utah – Gael Garcia Bernal has journeyed north to the Sundance Film Festival to share the tragic story of another traveler.

The Mexican actor is a producer on the immigration documentary “Who Is Dayani Cristal?”, in which Bernal also appears on-screen to dramatize the path that the film’s subject took to the United States.

Bernal and director Marc Silver sought to unravel the mystery of a body found rotting in the Arizona desert in August 2010. The man bore the tattoo “Dayani Cristal” across his chest.

The films blends interviews and conventional documentary segments with Bernal’s travels through Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico to reveal the circumstances that led the man on a 2,000-mile trek that ended in the desert. And it provides a tearful answer for its title when it reveals the identity of Dayani Cristal.