Those pesky, excessive regulations

We all know and understand that in every part of life there must be some kind of regulations to control speed, interest rates and how one’s house sits on a particular lot, among many other regulations. It is also understandable that some regulations do not make common sense, nor do they do any real good for those who are regulated. In general, it is probably agreed that less is better and more is too much.

In the Times-Republican on Jan. 6, journalist John Stossel discussed the very topic. His research revealed that the Obama Administration had, in just four years, issued 160,000 such regulations aimed at all kinds of business in an obvious attempt to control how they ran their business. One would agree that regulations normally would be good – but 160,000? What is also obvious is the terrific load this imposes on business people who must read and react to thousands of pages of rules. Instead of hiring people to increase production, a business must hire accountants and attorneys to provide interpretation.

The current administration is adamant about gleaning more revenue (taxes) for the top 1 percent of taxpayers. But raising the tax rate on these very few taxpayers yields little compared to what is needed. We now pay unemployment to many workers who lost their jobs many months ago. That is good and it is bad! It is good that they are given money on which to live. It is bad because there is another way much better. First, trash out ALL those pesky 160,000 regulations and give every business a deserved break, which will in turn, will cause the small to medium business to hire many of these 25 million people. That will not only delete the expense of food stamps for the unemployed but will create workers to earn more money for which they will pay more revenue (taxes) to the federal government. More revenue (not taxes) is what I believe is what President Obama really wants, but in my opinion, doesn’t go about is correctly.