My thoughts exactly

The letter to the editor on Jan. 14 from Peter Rogers makes perfect sense to me. The Iowa Department of Transportation announced that it could not give driver’s licenses to persons in the U.S. illegally. I had the same thoughts as expressed – how could Sen. Steve Sodders who is employed by the taxpayers to enforce our laws say that “makes no sense.”

Does it make sense to you? It surely does to me. No amount of directives from the president can change the fact that millions of people are in the U.S. illegally – either through their own decisions or the choice of their parents. Iowa has jurisdiction over issuing driver’s licenses and I applaud the fact that they want to uphold the law. I agree with Peter that I hope our law enforcers in the area uphold our laws.

In testimony before the Illinois House on Jan. 7, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police urged the House to vote against issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants because it lacked “basic public safety and homeland security safeguards,” thus jeopardizing the safety of all Illinois citizens. There is no evidence to suggest that people who already disobey laws they find inconvenient are going to purchase insurance just because they have licenses. New Mexico grants driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants and is home to the nation’s second highest percentage of uninsured drivers despite having a mandatory liability insurance law. On the other hand, millions of legal immigrants (those who have obeyed our immigration laws) come to the US. Of course, they will become eligible for driver’s licenses.

I wouldn’t recommend the experience of a car wreck with someone who is in the country illegally. Our family was involved in a horrific car wreck caused by an illegal immigrant. That person chose to obtain a fraudulent driver’s license – another law broken. Her only punishment? A trip back to her homeland compliments of the taxpayers. Perhaps you should ponder why some politicians want to give state driver’s licenses to someone who has already broken our laws. That would be a good question to ask your elected officials. Another question to ask your elected officials (who are paid by the taxpayers) would be where one purchases a fraudulent driver’s license. That still puzzles me. Might our elected officials spend their time better by looking into that?