Deer Run saga author to sign books Friday

Elaine Marie Cooper scoured her own family’s history and researched life in the late 1700s that led her to write the Deer Run saga.

The Des Moines author has written a series of three books which she calls historical romance books.

“I love history but also love to bring history alive,” Cooper said. “I like reading about an era and finding little details that pique my interest.”

Cooper spent her career as a nurse and now works part-time, so she’s had more time to write in recent years.

She published “The Road to Deer Run” in 2010, “The Promise of Deer Run ” in 2011 and “The Legacy of Deer Run” in 2012.

Her idea for the Deer Run series stemmed from her research into her own family’s history.

The core of the stories center around a wounded British soldier who is rescued by a colonial farm woman in western Massachusetts. They form a family and the Deer Run saga follows them through a couple of generations, beginning in 1777 and running into the 1800s.

“I worked very hard to bring out the history of the time,” Cooper said,

Cooper will be signing her three books from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday at Stepping Stones Christian Bookstore at 14 W. Main St. in Marshalltown.

Cost of the three paperback books range from $12.99 to $18.95 each. For more information on the Deer Run series visit