Snowfall keeps public works, police department busy

With the snow ordinance still in effect, the Public Works Department is working to get the streets cleared as fast as possible.

Snow removal crews were out Wednesday morning and into the afternoon plowing the four-to-five inches of snow that accumulated over Tuesday night and into Wednesday.

According to the Public Works Department, crews continued to plow late Wednesday, focusing on many side streets as the main roads have already had much of the snow removed. Crews will continue to plow and lay salt as needed and will follow protocol by removing snow medians after the streets have been thoroughly plowed.

Capt. Mike Hanken, with the Marshalltown Police Department, said while there were a considerable amount more minor car collisions than normal, no injuries were reported as of Wednesday afternoon.

“Most people seem to be driving with due caution,” he said.

He did warn that there might still be a layer of ice beneath the snow, so drivers should approach intersections with caution and give themselves ample time to brake. He stressed keeping two hands on the steering wheel.

“With snow in the roadway, it doesn’t take much of a rut or hard snow to send your car in another direction if you are not concentrating,” Hanken said.

The National Weather Service is predicting scattered flurries with 14 to 20 mph winds through Thursday. Wind chills could get down to -25 degrees Thursday night.

Hanken cautioned people about getting caught out in the cold in rural areas, saying drivers who get stuck or stall out should call for assistance instead of trying to walk to a nearby farmhouse.

City officials will notify the public when the snow ordinance has been lifted and residents are again able to park on the street.