County moves forward with next bridge replacement

Steps have been taken for the next bridge in line to be replaced in Marshall County.

The bridge is located on 330th Street just west of Gearhart Avenue and southwest of Melbourne.

The county approved right of way easement purchase agreements with different landowners in the area for the project. The county made land purchases totalling $4,478 for this project, after approval by the Board of Supervisors earlier this week.

Mark Hentges, assistant county engineer, said this bridge replacement is part of a five-year plan for projects in the county.

“It’s getting to the point to where it needs to be replaced,” Hentges said. “It’s old and unreliable.” The new 110 feet by 30 feet concrete slab bridge will replace the current 70 feet by 18 feet steel truss bridge.

Hentges said the project will be let out to bid through the Iowa Department of Transportation in April. He expects the bridge to be closed for three months beginning in June or July for the estimated $370,000 project.

The bridge will be paid for by federal aid money and state Farm to Market money and not property taxes, stressed Supervisors Chair Dave Thompson.

The project is similar to the new bridge built on 310th Street near Melbourne last year that cost $300,000.