Love and be loved

No matter which part of world or which religion you belong to, Valentines is on the roll everywhere. Love is a global phenomenon. There are millions of things you can love and millions of way to show it, too.

Love is the basic necessity – from the moment we are born we learn to love and be loved. For a newborn it does not matter what toys, clothes and nursery they are in. The gentle nurturing, love and warm embrace of parents makes them feel loved and secure.

Unfortunately, our wish list rises as we grow and we start replacing love and security with material things. Have you ever wondered how many flowers, greetings, cakes, gifts, chocolates, candies etc. get bought every year to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day? Only if those beautiful things in the stores could have bought happiness, I tell you the world would have been the happiest place with noone sad, depressed and lonely.

The true essence of love is from us and the comfort of knowing that we are loved and someone is there for us, no matter what, is irreplaceable. Few words said from the heart or a small gesture of kindness means lot more than any material gift. This Valentine’s Day don’t forget to tell your loved ones that you belong to them.

Here are some wonderful ideas to share laughter, happiness and sweet moments together on this special day.

1. Personalized notepads and bookmarks

All you need is

Note pad





Stick sequence or buttons on the bottom of notepad using glue. Use markers to add a touch and write a message.

2. Thankful message board I simply love this practice in my home. All you need is a simple chalk board or white board with dry erase markers. Share a sweet message when you can and enjoy reading sweet replies too.

3. Heart stamped rocks –

All you need is




Paint brush

Clean the rocks with water and let them dry. Paint the rocks using pastel shades. When dry draw a heart using pencil and fill with bright color.

4.A wall full of loving moments

What you will need

Colorful construction paper



Heart stencil



Using stencil draw hearts on construction paper. Cut them using scissors. Stick pictures you love on them using tape. Now stick those hearts on the wall using tape. Relive the beautiful memories. You can also hang these picture hearts on jute twig using clothes pin.

5. Create your own personalized piece of art by using old crayons.

All you need is

Card stock

Crayon stubs





Remove any wrapping from crayons. Using scissors trim uneven crayon stubs. Sketch a heart on card stock using pencil. Outline with glue and stick crayons.

Wishing you all a colorful Valentines. Love and be loved!

Shikha Pasrija has a passion for art. She has organized several successful art workshops which have been immensely popular both with kids and their families. Follow her blog or e-mail her at