Glass-Steagall reintroduced

Recently we were reminded (Corinthians 12-4-5) “There are different gifts but the same spirit; there are different ministries but the same Lord.”

For my part I have in a small way been writing informative letters relating the many gifts Lyndon LaRouche has presented as solutions for the good of “We the People” and the World.

With Congress debating on whether to raise the debt limit and Bernanke pushing money to the banks, creating hyperinflation, we will be experiencing austere living conditions with no real solution. This

bank debt is made up of toxic debt that can never be paid.

LaRouche has long promoted Glass-Steagall as the only solution. Now two Federal Reserve chairmen are promoting Glass-Steagall. I was about to ask you the reader to use your Corinthian gift to call a toll free number, 1-866-338-1015, and ask your congressperson to endorse the recently reintroduced Glass-Steagall in the new Congress. I received a phone call from my contact in the LaRouche office, informing me that the U.S. Court of Appeals has struck down Obama’s violation of constitutional separation of powers in the ruling that he violated the constitution in making recess appointments when the senate was in session. God does work in surprising ways. Indeed our constitution is a real gift. Thank God!

This is an exceptional break in that Obama would not allow the Glass-Steagall law to be brought up for debate in the former Congress. There are other benefits as well. Once the Glass-Steagall law is signed, we can go forward with our original Alexander Hamilton credit bank, followed up with North American Water and Power Alliance, first put forward by President Kennedy to bring water down from Canada and Alaska creating jobs and in time controlling drought conditions. Learn more at