Assessment testing this week in Marshalltown schools

Though they have no bearing on student grades, assessment tests are very important to school districts to gauge where they are at.

Students in the Marshalltown Community School District will take the Iowa Assessments this week. These tests were formerly known at the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills and the Iowa Tests of Educational Development.

“Even though the assessments do not affect classroom grades, an added incentive for students to do their best is the fact that we now have intervention classes that students are required to take if their skill levels are low in reading and math,” said Marshalltown Superintendent Marvin Wade. “For high school students, there is also additional incentive because proficiency on Iowa Assessments is an eligibility requirement for college level courses taken in high school.”

Wade said staff encourage students to set academic goals, and to check their progress and these goals are measured against the Iowa Assessments.

The times and days for the tests vary by school building this week. Marshalltown High School will take the test Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wade said tips for the tests for students include getting a good night’s sleep, follow test instructions carefully, relax, double check to not skip any questions and make sure there’s enough time to complete the test in the time allotted.