There are bigger issues at stake

In response to Mr. Plahn’s letter on Feb. 3: I have to ask where you stood when the uprisings in the Middle East occurred? Where did you stand when the citizens of Wisconsin stood up against injustices Scott Walker was carrying out and they occupied their statehouse for days on end? Where did you stand when militarized police forces rolled in with SWAT teams at the ready, as well as APVs which could crush hundreds of people in seconds, all in the name of crushing dissent with the financial system?

If the answer to these questions is what I think it is (judging only by the content of the letter you wrote versus all of the other right wing talking points), then I have to ask: Why are you drawing the line at the Second Amendment when the government treads so heavily over the first?

First: People do not just depend on the government because they are lazy. People depend on it because the conservatives do everything they can to create laws to allow businesses to pay lesser wages to people even in the skilled trades. They complain about raising the cost of a pizza 15 cents to cover “The horrendous cost of Obamacare.” The drastically low wages in this country are a result of outsourcing work to other countries.

Second: CNN vs. Fox News being called liberal vs. conservative is a false equivalency at best. Both have supported drone strikes, both have supported Obama and the GOP’s ideas for austerity. Obama is not a liberal in the slightest. The GOP hates him for one reason.

Third: Simply taxing more people doesn’t solve the other problem in this country: Crushing poverty. Being in poverty leads to more debt, because people need more debt to live on lesser wages.

Fourth: The Constitution has been tread on by Democrats as well as Republicans. All but three people voted for the NDAA with it’s controversial Section 1021. That has done more to destroy the constitution than ANY gun regulation (or ban as only the right-wing sees it).

The Supreme Court has said, in 2008, that the Second Amendment is not an absolute right. There can be reasonable regulations put on it.

It’s not just the right wing’s way on this.