Police arrest alleged car thief

A local man faces a felony charge after he allegedly stole a paramedic’s car out of the emergency room canopy Saturday night.

Police arrested Ward Matthew Duffy, 58, of Marshalltown, Sunday after they discovered the stolen car at his home at 209 S. Fourth Ave., said Capt. Mike Hanken, with the Marshalltown Police Department.

During the MPD’s daily meeting, the arresting officer heard about the stolen Chevy Lumina and recalled that he had taken a call the previous day where witnesses said Duffy was checking the doors of cars in the 200 block of South Fourth Avenue, just a block from the ER, Hanken said. When the officer questioned him about checking the doors, Duffy said he was just checking to make sure the cars were locked.

Upon a search of Duffy’s residence, police discovered the stolen car parked in the rear lot. Inside, was an EMS stocking cap with the owner of the car’s name embroidered on it, according to the police report.

Police arrested Duffy and took him the Marshall County Jail. While there, the officer noticed Duffy had a blue powder on his mustache, Hanken said. When asked what the powder was, Duffy told the officer he had been snorting Xanex.

A search of Duffy’s home revealed two bottles of prescription drugs not prescribed to him. One had a powder inside and a snorting tube, according to the police report.

Police charged Duffy with second-degree theft for the stolen car, a Class D felony, possession of prescription drugs, a serious misdemeanor, and possession of drug paraphernalia, a simply misdemeanor.

The car was recovered with no damage and returned to the owner.