Design phase up next for proposed Green Castle campground

By the middle of this summer, a design for the proposed new campground at Green Castle Recreation area is due to be complete.

Plans are for the park south of Ferguson to be upgraded with a $1 million campground which would include 40 to 60 campsites, electrical and water, a shower house/restroom facility and new playground equipment.

“It would be a full amenity campground,” Mike Stegmann, director of the Marshall County Conservation Board told the Board of Supervisors during a meeting Tuesday. “We’re ready to move forward with that project.”

The county is in contract talks with an engineering firm for the design. After the campground design is complete, they will start a big fundraising campaign for the project, Stegmann said.

They have already received private donations for the campground and a grant to help with the design, he said.

Stegmann said they would market this new campground as a “Staycation” attraction for local residents and also try to draw in people from all over the state and beyond.

He said there are two goals for the conservation board when it comes to the new campground – to provide recreational opportunities and to generate revenue.

Stegmann said Green Castle’s attractions such as the lake, trails, picnic areas, shelter houses, bison and swan habitats lend itself to be the perfect spot to add a campground.

As an added attraction, Stegmann said the Central Iowa Astronomers are also looking into improvements into their observatory at the park.