Reading in the Roundhouse

If they could fill the Marshalltown High School Roundhouse with books, they would sure try.

A group of MHS seniors who are also Junior Rotarians and holding a book drive to collect books to be handed out to young Marshalltown students at a big event April 18.

The group has visited area schools and businesses hoping they keep a box at their facility for book donations as part of a city-wide reading initiative.

“Rotary challenged us to get more involved in the community so we put together Reading in the Roundhouse,” said Connor Ruddick, an MHS senior and Junior Rotarian.

His classmates who are the other main leaders of the effort are Taylor Fuccio, Maddison Wignall and Lauren Mazour. It won’t be long before all of them will have graduated from MHS and it appears leaving a lasting impact is important to them.

“We want to better our community,” Fuccio said.

The Reading in the Roundhouse event is open to Marshalltown kindergarten through third grade students and their families and will feature games, prizes, special guests and plenty of books to give away. It will be held from 5:30 to 7 p.m. April 18. Aside from getting English and Spanish language books in the hands of children, there is also a goal of community unity.

“I want to bring the whole community together,” Wignall said.

The high schoolers are also visiting Marshalltown third grade classes to read as part of the effort.

“They’ve loved it,” Ruddick said.

Mazour said they hope this Reading the Roundhouse becomes an annual event and they hope to lay the blueprint for the future.

The group is looking for students and community members to volunteer for the event. To contact the group email them at