Pot candy becoming more prevalent in Marshalltown

The Marshalltown Police Department wants area parents to be aware of a recent influx of marijuana candy.

Marshalltown Police Chief Mike Tupper said the candy has been turning up during some recent drug investigations.

“There are some parents out there that haven’t seen it before or even know it exists,” he said.

While the candy can, and is, used by people of all ages, its use tends to be more prevalent among teens, Tupper said. The candy looks normal but is made from THC or hash oil, which will sometimes be listed on the wrapper. Because there is no plant material contained in it, identifying the illicit candy can often be difficult.

The candy usually has a homemade look to it, and the labels often sport double entendres using drug lingo, Tupper said. Sometimes, the packing is green and will have marijuana leafs or buds on it.

Tupper said those under the influence will still behave as if they had smoked pot. And although the user won’t likely smell like smoke, the candy can have a strong odor, and the user could still have bloodshot eyes.

Stores do not sell the candy, which is often shipped through freight carriers from other states where marijuana is legal.

Tupper said teens are at high risk for abuse. Penalties for possessing the candy are the same for possessing marijuana.

To report what you think may be marijuana candy or for further questions, contact the Marshalltown Police Department at 641-754-5725 or the Mid-Iowa Drug Task Force at 641-844-4136.