Supervisors to make final decision on raises Tuesday

Typically members of the public don’t take part in Marshall County Board of Supervisors meetings and visitors are few and far between.

That is expected to change Tuesday.

At their next meeting, the supervisors will make a decision on the raises proposed to county elected officials by the Compensation Board.

On Jan. 16, the volunteer Compensation Board recommended salary increases ranging from $6,000 to $13,000 for the county auditor/ recorder, sheriff, treasurer and attorney. These proposed raises reflect 8 to 15 percent increases in salaries.

Other county employees received 1 to 1.5 percent raises for the next fiscal year.

Supervisors Chairman Dave Thompson said he has heard plenty of feedback from the public since the raise recommendations came out.

“I would imagine based upon the public input that all three supervisors have had that it will be a well attended meeting (Tuesday),” Thompson said. “And as always we encourage everybody to come and voice their opinion one way or another.”

Though he didn’t want to say what his thoughts on the proposed raises were, Thompson did say what he’s been hearing from the public.

“Pretty much they think they’re extravagant raises,” Thompson said of the public opinion.

Compensation Board Chair Tom McCoy said they were trying to get these elected officials up to fair as they relate to other county elected officials in the state.

Thompson said the Compensation Board was doing its job following Iowa Code and comparing salaries in other counties to Marshall County when it proposed the raises. He said the supervisors will now do their job all while looking at the county budget.

“We as supervisors have to look at the total picture,” Thompson said.

The supervisors themselves requested no raise from their current $33,927 salary and the Compensation Board honored that request in their proposal.

Other current salaries of county elected officials are: County Attorney Jennifer Miller – $85,236, County Treasurer Jarret Heil – $52,721, County Sheriff Ted Kamatchus – $74,917, and County Auditor/Recorder $54,777.

The supervisors will meet in meeting room two in the courthouse at 9 a.m. Tuesday.