Putting faith into practice important for area men

Dr. Dennis Drager of Marshalltown and Matt Streeter of State Center are on a mission.


The two central Iowa businessmen are spending this week at Living Water International’s well drilling school in Stafford, Texas.

LWI is an international Christian organization, serving the world’s poorest communities by helping them acquire safe, clean water.

At LWI, Drager and Streeter will learn well drilling skills and apply them in remote areas of South Sudan, Africa and perhaps elsewhere.

Serving the least of Christ’s brothers and sisters is important to both men.

And both have worked previously to provide clean water to poverty-stricken communities.

Drager is owner of The Vet – Animal Clinic, in Marshalltown.

“I was motivated to help after seeing pictures of central Iowans working to bring clean water to the villagers in Old Fangak, South Sudan, Africa last year,” he said. “Also, as a member of the Marshalltown chapter of Rotary International, our club has been seriously discussing how we can best support efforts to bring clean water to South Sudan.”

Previously, Drager participated in church mission trips to Central America and Mexico, assisting with the installation of water sterilization units in schools, among other locations.

Streeter, is president of Water Technology Group Midwest of State Center.

The company provides assistance and supplies to central Iowa communities.

Last February, he was part of the team who worked in Old Fangak, a village of approximately 5,000, repairing one well and installing another.

“After working in the village last year as part of the Alaska-South Sudan Medical Project, I am even more committed now to learn more,” Streeter said. “In time I will be teach the villagers and others how to drill wells.”

Previously, Streeter worked in the Dominican Republic on behalf of SHINE Children Ministry, started by spouse Beth Streeter. The ministry is supporting a private school for approximately 200 children.

While in Texas, Drager and Streeter will be receiving moral support from their churches, family, co-workers and others.

One is Gregg Brown of Marshalltown, who is chairman of Trinity Lutheran Church’s of Marshalltown’s Well Committee.

It’s objective is to continue to provide more clean water to Old Fangak and area.

Brown worked with Streeter in Old Fangak last February.

“It is exciting to see Matt and Dennis’s commitment about clean water,” he said. “Dennis has been the ‘go to’ person in (Marshalltown’s) Rotary for our project. He has been completely committed to this joint effort with Rotary and has pushed it aggressively within our local club. Now, he is so committed that he is going to camp, as well as being part of the team that goes to Old Fangak in the future.

LWI is a certified 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization whose goal is to provide clean water to some of the world’s 738 million people lacking clean water. Water-related diseases cause 2.2 million deaths annually. Founded in 1991, it extends assistance to all people, regardless of their religious beliefs, gender, race, or ethic background. Visit water.cc/