Quiet leader gets her work done

Fatima Hernandez, 14, an eighth grader at Miller Miller School, knows she is at school to learn and doesn’t get sidetracked.

“I just come here and do my work,” Hernandez said.

Despite being soft spoken, Hernandez has made an impact on Jen Beals, her corrective reading teacher at Miller.

“Fatima wants to make her education a priority and is succeeding,” Beals said.

Hernandez said the teachers are nice at Miller and she feels school is important “to have a better future and to have a job.”

Hernandez loves science and is part of Miller’s Science Bound program where students do extra work and complete projects in the field, partnering with Iowa State University and local companies like Fisher Controls.

“It totally has boosted her confidence,” Beals said. “She’s just up for a challenge.”