Guns are making millionaires

In a recent New York Times article of what is happening at Brooklyn College in New York, it was reported a liberal Jewish leadership is setting up support of an international boycott, divestment and sanctions, for Israel. Jewish support on the right is not happy with what is taking place at that college.

According to the NYT, the sad truth is that there is more honest discussion about the American-Israeli policy than in the United States. Too often in the United States, supporting Israel has come to mean meeting narrow idealogical limits litmus tests. J Street, a liberal pro-Israel group that was formed as a counterpoint to conservative groups like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, has argued for vibrant debate and said “criticism of Israel policy does not threaten the health of the state of Israel.” In fact a vibrant discussion is necessary if peace and justice is ever to be achieved. I believe that gun violence in America does create a bad foreign policy within our world. It is time that we change our foreign policy. It is time we change violence in our country.

Too many Americans are becoming millionaires because we have the largest sale of guns here in our country and it becomes a lucrative way of becoming rich. The question we need to think about is this: do we have a moral right to become millionaires off of guns here in America?