Daily Record, Feb. 13, 2013

Local man charged with workman’s comp fraud

A Marshalltown man turned himself in after police discovered he had been committing fraud for five months.

Anthony Becker, 38, of Marshalltown, is charged with forgery and tampering with records, both aggravated misdemeanors.

Capt. Mike Hanken, with the Marshalltown Police Department, said Becker falsified documents to obtain workman’s compensation and secure a journeyman electrician’s license without completing the on-the-job training required for that certification.

The investigation concluded that the crime spanned from July to November 2012, according to police reports. Becker turned himself in Monday. Police cited and released him pending his initial appearance Feb. 19.

Grundy County Sheriff’s Office


On Feb. 5, Clinton Siddell, age 42, of Wellsburg, was arrested at his home on a Black Hawk County warrant charging him with failure to appear. He was released to Black Hawk County authorities.

On Feb. 5, Marsha Lee, age 62, of Marshalltown, was arrested at the Marshall County jail on a Grundy County warrant charging her with failure to appear. She pleaded guilty and was released.

On Jan. 28, Amy Christensen, age 28, of Holland, was arrested at the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office on four counts of child endangerment. She was released on promise to appear.


On Feb. 7, a vehicle driven by Jeffrey Badger, age 39, of Parkersburg, was southbound on Highway 14 north of 160th Street when it was approaching the car in front driven by Jerry Melcher, age 43, of Parkersburg, too quickly for the icy road conditions and slammed on its brakes, went out of control and slid sideways into the Melcher car. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Badger vehicle was estimated at $2,000 while the Melcher car received an estimated $1,900 in damage.

On Feb. 5, a vehicle driven by Sheenan Seamans, age 24, of Wellsburg, was eastbound on Highway 20 just east of Dike when the wheel dropped onto the north shoulder of the road, Seamans over-corrected, it slid across eastbound lanes and down into the south ditch. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Seamans vehicle was estimated at $4,500.

On Jan. 30, a semi driven by Jodha Mann, age 44, of Yuba City, Calif., was westbound on Highway 20 when it went out of control on the icy roadway due to strong winds, went through the median, across the eastbound lanes and came to rest partially in the ditch. No injuries were reported. Mann was cited for failure to maintain control. Damage to the Mann semi was estimated at $7,000.

On Jan. 24, a vehicle driven by Howard Hodson, age 71, of Ackley, was westbound on Highway 20 when the driver fell asleep causing the vehicle to drop off on the inside shoulder then was over-corrected, went out of control, slid sideways in the north ditch and rolled through the ditch into a field. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Hodson vehicle was estimated at $7,000.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

Feb. 1

The Sheriff of Marshall County to Federal National Mortgage Association, 607 N. 5th Ave.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Glenn DauSchmidt, 508 N. 1st St.

Eraclio Avalos and Anjelita Garcia Ramirez on contract to Evelia Robles, 301 N. 7th St.

The Estate of Chester Brown to Brian Uhde, 612 S. 9th Ave.

Historic Tallcorn Towers LLLP to Historic Tallcorn Towers Commercial LLC, 134 E. Main St. Apt. #2

Glenn DauSchmidt on contract to Ana Lilia Vazquez Rangel, 10 1/2 E. Grant St.

JJG Concepts LLC on contract to Megan Nelson, 802 W. Church St.

Jay Mancieri to Chad Nablo, 301 N. 14th Ave.

Robert and Colleen Keese to Colleen Keese, 1837 Abbott Ave., Garwin

TF 13 CCSB LLC, Grantee to Scott Roth Leff 401K Trust, 207 S. 5th Ave.

Carl and Sharon Myers to Donald Dodd, 108 N. Main St., Albion

Feb. 5

Donald and Audrey Lutes to Donald Lutes Revocable Trust, Donald Lutes Trustee and Audrey Lutes Revocable Trust, Audrey Lutes Trustee, 3012, 3034 and 3053 Underwood Ave., Gilman

Tiffany Eibs FKA Tiffany Manship and Jason Eibs to Tiffany and Jason Eibs, 503 Dearborn St., Liscomb

Dennis and Heidi Drager to JJG Concepts LLC, 401 W. State St.

Jamie Williams to Cherie and Scott Wacha, 2211 S. 5th Ave.

William Self McLain, Ira and William McLain Trustees on contract to William and Lori McLain, 208 N. 18th St.

Feb. 6

Donna Hoop to Alan Hoop, 209 Olson Way

Investment Group Inc. to Mike and Jodi Abrahams, 308 S. Webster St., Le Grand

Bernard and Helen Proczak to Michael Robbins, 12 Edgeland Dr.

Anna Miller to Kraig Miller 102 and 104 N. Dubuque St., Albion

Pearl Mixon to Pearl Shively, 102 W. Rogers St., Laurel

Tracy Dehl to Ryan Dehl 4 percent, 2038 Vance Ave.

Thomas and Jane Adams to Meredith Martin, 1606 W. Main St.

Charles and Sally Cahalan to Charles Cahalan Trust Charles Cahalan Trustee, 2353 Hart Ave., State Center

Charles and Sally Cahalan to Sally Cahalan Trust Sally Cahalan Trustee, 2353 Hart Ave., State Center

Andrea Kirse to Hannah Stamp, 509 Roberts Terrace


Federal National Mortgage Association to DJ Rentals Inc., 206 S. 6th St.

Bryngelson Corporation on contract to Darin Sauer, 611 E. Main St.

Edie and Dean Oziah to Bryngelson Corporation, 714 Noble St.

Dawn Davis to Seth Davis, 517 N. 1st St.


Federal National Mortgage Association to Robby Wignall, 423 N. Marietta St., Rhodes

Bank of America to Department of Housing and Urban Development, 109 N. Maple St., Gilman

The Sheriff of Marshall County to Bank of America, 111 S. 13th St.

Great Western Bank to Eleazar Perez, 308 Swayze St.

Michael Swope Conservatorship, Curtis Ward a former Conservator to Michael Swope, 2905 Nelson Rd.

Clarence and Donna Miller to Clarence and Donna Miller Family Trust, Clarence and Donna Miller Trustees, 2649 and 2649B 250th St.

Alfredo Ramos to Raul t, 207 W. Madison St.

Michael Martin to Patty Martin, 817 and 819 N. 5th Ave.

James and Greta Benson to James Benson Trust and Greta Benson Trust, 1878 230th St., and 1843 235th St.