MCC tries to enhance dorm life

Marshalltown Community College student Taylor McBurney likes the convenience of living on campus.

“I can wake up and roll out of bed and go to class,” said the second year student from Iowa City who also serves as a resident assistant.

McBurney is one of the 102 students of the 887 full-time MCC students who live on campus in one of three student housing complexes.

In the past year, MCC has attempted to get these on-campus students more involved and interacting with one another. One way was to mix the athletic teams instead of just one area for the soccer team and others for the basketball teams or baseball team.

“We’ve got a real sense of community,” said McBurney, who is a soccer player at the college. “You branch out a lot more.”

The intermingling of different types of students was the idea of Phil Hernandez, director of residence life and housing at MCC.

Hernandez said they are trying to achieve a campus experience for the students similar to one at four-year universities such as Iowa State. He hopes this experience is not only enjoyable for students, but also prepares them for their next stop.

“If they transition to that four-year experience, it’s a seamless transition,” Hernandez said.

Another student resident assistant, Brandon Stephenson of Burlington, said they have increased the amount of activities such as an open gym night for students and are looking to do more that will bring students together.

“I want to bring all the students together and have a better community,” Stephenson said.

Hernandez said they will look at their facilities and programs and cater are constantly looking at what the needs are of the on-campus population.

“We’re always trying to find what are the needs of our student population,” he said.