Local couple arrested after spending bank error cash

A Marshalltown couple is accused of using a bank accounting error to spend $13,500 which was put in their account by mistake.

Michael Anthony, 43, and his wife, Kelly Anthony, 34, were charged with second degree theft Thursday.

Capt. Mike Hanken, of the Marshalltown Police Department, said the accounting error at Lennox Employees Credit Union led to the $13,500 being put in the joint account of the Anthonys. The bank contacted the couple notifying them of the error in an attempt to retrieve the money, but the couple proceeded to make two withdrawals and spend the money on bills, Hanken said.

He said the bank was not able to retrieve any of the money and it was going to be considered a loss.

The Anthonys made an initial appearance in court Monday and will have a preliminary hearing on March 8. They were appointed a public defender and released on their own recognizance.