Who’s our most famous resident?

Who knows how I came up with this, but I got to thinking recently wondering who is the most famous person living in Marshalltown currently. Maybe it’s doing all these stories through the years about those Marshalltown natives who have gone on to fame, whether it be Jean Seberg, Toby Huss or Joseph Kosinksi.

Well, this idea is not about them as I want to ask the public who they think is the most famous person currently living in the area.

So for the rest of February I will be taking names via email or quick phone calls and my contact information is below. Feel free to tell me a person’s name and why you think they are the most famous person.

To make the competition fair, I would not like to have any politicians or elected officials in the running. They already get enough publicity anyway.

Since this guideline is in place, it means no votes for the “Voice of Marshalltown” Denny Grabenbauer since he is on the Board of Supervisors. I’m thinking he would have been a popular choice – since that guy is everywhere. That also means no council members or the mayor will be in the running and scratch off our legislators too.

I already have my own opinions on the most famous people in our area, but I won’t divulge them here as to not taint the nominations.

So who is the most famous person around? Let me know and I might print some of your comments in a future column. Keep them clean folks, this is a family column.

I realize I might be opening a can of worms as I ask you to serve up suggestions but I’m ready for it. Please just give me one vote per person.

I’ll also use my own judgement if I sense this vote is being rigged by ballot stuffers and there is no merit to the votes. In other words, I may not accept 600 votes for some guy just because he was good at Tetris in the 1990s. I want them to be known for something that all people can relate to.

If things work out as planned and I actually get a good sampling of votes and a winner willing to talk, I’ll let you know the results in my March 5 column.