Supervisors deny buildings and ground staff addition

The Marshall County Board of Supervisors denied the request to hire an additional employee in buildings and grounds during a meeting Tuesday.

Todd Kelley, director of buildings and grounds with the county, made the request for a new staff member. He said a retirement and employee on leave has left just one employee to cover preventative maintenance and other work at the courthouse.

He said that preventative maintenance is key to make sure equipment that is costly to replace get their full life.

The supervisors said they haven’t noticed any work not getting done and didn’t feel the department needed another employee.

“I’d like to see you continue to work your people and get the job done,” said Supervisors Chair Dave Thompson. “I’m going to have a real hard time approving more employees for buildings and grounds.”

Thompson pointed out that other departments in the county are getting their work done with less staff people and the county has to be responsible to the taxpayers.

The supervisors told Kelley if there was work not getting done there was a possibility to subcontract work out. Thompson said they don’t have to pay subcontract work benefits, which would save the county money.

Supervisor Denny Grabenbauer said they might look into restructuring the buildings and grounds department staff in the future to be more effective.

“We’ve got the right to do that,” he said.