West Marshall wrestlers apologize to community

Let this letter epitomize the voice of the West Marshall Wrestling program and the 13 participants of the disgraceful, dimwitted photograph that circulated the community, as well as the nation. We now realize just how much the community loves the wrestling program and those who are involved in it. If this hurt anyone, it hurt the community, and for that we apologize.

To every individual who came to the board meeting, we thank you for giving us the chance to apologize and grow through this. Whether you forgive us is your right to decide. We as the wrestling team will do what is asked of us to resolve the damage we have caused. We wish for the community to put it behind us and move on. We wish to be able to compensate for our disgrace by representing the community with success on and off the mat.

Every seat occupied by a Trojan at our athletic events is another example of a man or woman who truly believes in our program. Without these people, our community would be missing a special caliber of the hardworking, uncorrupted, small town man/women this community was built on. We students look up to all of our supporters through this difficult time.

There is only one way to describe our fans; dedicated. We realize this community is the most important thing any of us will ever inherit. Some day we will be coaches, administration, school board members or local representatives. This will help us learn to be better leaders. Just like our community, our reputation will not be built overnight; it will take hard work, dedication and sincerity to accomplish our goals. The way we represented you is wrong, and we will make it up to our hometown. If you, our community, are any reflection on us, it will be done and it will be done right. In order to make it up to the community, we need to change ourselves.

Building a better you is the first step to building a better America.-Zig Ziglar