I’m always late with the video camera

I am looking for some hints out there.

Every time my young kids do something cute it seems the video camera isn’t around. When I get the camera out all they do is look at it and won’t go back to their natural cuteness.

Or, depending on their age, they try to eat the camera.

I have to learn how to become more stealth with my video capturing – trying to conceal that I’m doing it so they can act natural and the cuteness can come out.

It seems like they never recreate that moment you want on video. I’m always too late to get the original funny word they are said or action they were doing.

One of the funnier lines from our 4-year-old over the weekend came out while Skyping with the grandparents. The grandparents were talking about schools being closed due to the snow in Illinois.

“I didn’t know you guys go to school,” the 4-year-old told her grandparents, who then had a hearty laugh.

The 1-year-old has a few words and one universal word for about every type of animal, that he likes to repeat.

“Beah, beah, beah,” he says.

You see he gets a chuckle from looking at bears and that’s his response after his initial laugh – “beah.” This word can also be used for looking at bunny rabbits and other types of toy animals. While in the shopping cart going through the toy aisle of a local store over the weekend, it was comical how many “beahs” were said by him.

This too, is another thing I need to get on video.

We have a baby book where we will write down the best quotes from them, which is a good way to keep the memories without videos. My wife also clips out these columns in the Times-Republican for the baby book. That is a win-win, as I get to do my job and get to save memories of our children at the same time.

Hopefully, I’ll remember them through the years in my mind as well.

I guess I need more tips on trying to capture that special moment as well on video, but I don’t want to have to tape them 24/7. The challenge is to find a healthy balance because I don’t want them to feel they are on constant video surveillance their whole lives.

I guess I’ll keep trying and enjoy the moments in my mind for now.

“America’s Funniest Videos” will have to wait.

Reporter Andrew Potter is a Tuesday columnist for the Times-Republican. The views expressed in this column are personal views of the writer and don’t necessarily reflect the views of the T-R. Contact Andrew Potter at 641-753-6611 or apotter@timesrepublican.com