Marshall County looks ahead to projects for fiscal year

The Marshall County Board of Supervisors looked ahead to projects on the horizon at a meeting Tuesday – especially in the next fiscal year’s budget, which starts in July.

Supervisors Chair Dave Thompson said three of the main projects in this next budget year will be replacing the control panel at the jail and tuckpointing at both the jail and the courthouse.

Each of the three projects are estimated to cost in the $100,000 range.

Thompson said the control panel is vital at the jail as it opens, closes and monitors the doors and cells at the facility.

“It’s very aged,” Thompson said. “We can’t get parts for it any more. It’s a safety issue for our employees, and as far as we’re concerned, it’s our No. 1 issue that we need to work at.”

Thompson said the tuckpointing projects at the jail and courthouse are needed approximately every 12 years.

“These are projects that will continue to extend the life of our facilities,” he said.

Thompson said other projects in next year could include resurfacing on the Ferguson blacktop between Highway 14 and Highway 146, resurfacing Oaks Avenue near Highway 330 and a bridge project south of Melbourne.