Sending mixed messages to children

“Turning his opponents into roadkill…” Why is it fine for the T-R sports writer to use this language in his coverage of one West Marshall wrestler, but it’s not OK for the wrestlers to use the F word?

We send such mixed messages to our children. We buy them video games, full of violence and foul language. We send them off to the movies, full of sex, violence and foul language. We pay for their cellphones, yet never monitor their text messages, and allow them access to Facebook, without ever checking the conversations there.

Like it or not, the West Marshall wrestlers are only reflecting the community they live in. In a world where foul language is accepted in the movies, on TV, on Facebook, in text messages, and where crass language (roadkill) is even used in the local paper, who is really surprised that they might not think twice about taking the photo they did.

The wonder is that the kids are being punished, while we adults do nothing to reduce the profanity that fills our movies, our TV programs and our Internet.