Student who lost family told of crash during play

ORANGE CITY – A college student from Sioux Falls, S.D., who lost her entire family in a car crash was told about the accident during the intermission of a play at her Iowa school.

Greg Christy, president of Northwestern College, broke the news to Brittany Vollmer, a sophomore at the Orange City school who was watching the play.

“It was very painful to have to share such tragic news with one of our students. It’s something that none of us would ever want to do,” Christy tells KMEG.

The Saturday crash on Interstate 90 in South Dakota killed James and Julie Vollmer and their children, 16-year-old Alyssa and 13-year-old Caleb. Authorities say the car ended up in the median and wound up sliding down a snowy embankment and hitting a guard rail.

Christy said that after meeting with an Orange City police officer, they were able to find Brittany at the play and brought her into a private room.