Art projects can help with spring break, laughter

“Mom, Do you love me?”

Yes baby! Loads and loads…

“You want to hear a joke?”

Yes, I do.

“An elephant was riding on an ant” followed by so many fun filled giggles.

Well, the fun thing is it’s probably the hundredth time I am listening to this. Not, in a week, not in a day … but in an hour!

Thinking of this, I am really looking forward to the spring break … is there something like a survival guide for this? Even social media is loaded with updates from moms like me wondering what their fate holds this spring break or how are they going to deal with this special bonding time. I tell you, time flies so fast and soon spring break will look like a piece of cake in front of summer vacation.

Well, all I can say is luck favors the prepared mind. So, get equipped with the ideas and activities that will keep the little minds occupied.

Here are some fun filled, creative and simple art and craft ideas..

A butterfly art project

What you will need


Paper napkin



Using scissors cut paper napkin in a circle or oval shape. Color it using bright markers. Squeeze paper napkin in the middle and clip it with the clothes pin. Finish the butterfly by making eyes. You can also use sequence and glitters to decorate.

Fun ideas around project: Hang butterflies at a uniform distance on a jute twine for wall dcor.

They make fun party decorations and invites.

Blow painting

What you will need




Stencils (optional)

Paint brush

Squeeze little dabs of flowing colorful kid’s paints or take them out using paintbrush on a piece of paper. If the paints are thick then add some water so they can easily move when blown. Enjoy cool effects by Blowing from straws.


What you will need





Poster paints

Paint brush

Wash a potato. Cut it in half. Draw a pattern on the cut surface of half potato. You can also draw another pattern on the other half. With a knife cut away any potato that is not part of the pattern. After you do this, the shape you are going to print will be raised from the rest of the potato. Cover the raised part with a light coat of poster paint. Lightly press the potato on a sheet of paper, when the pattern fades, paint the potato again. Finish by making stem n leaves using paintbrush.

Impression art

What you will need

Paper stock

Paints ( poster and acrylic)

This project is so easy, so fun and creates magnificent details. The first thing you need to do is figure out in your mind what you will like to create … flowers, butterflies, birds, trees, dragons.

Fold paper in half. Now, generously pour the colorful dabs of paint on one side of paper using your imagination. Press the other half gently and let the paint make its impressions on other sheet. Open up gently like you are opening a book. Try a mix of both poster and acrylic paints for captivating details.

Wish you all colorful and fun filled times! Here is silly a joke for you that I am trying to answer from past few months…Why did chicken cross the road? Looks like I have a choice here. Keep wondering why he did or join the laughter club? Laughter sounds better for now.

Shikha Pasrija has a passion for art. She has organized several successful art workshops which have been immensely popular both with kids and their families. Follow her blog or e-mail her at