Let’s get back to the wild west

All of the discussion about possession of guns is missing a vital point. Why not go back to the wild west as depicted in cowboy movies and not only would people have guns but holsters as well. At some age, perhaps 18, everyone would be issued a holster with the first hand gun as a sign of passage into adulthood. They would be expected to wear them.

How spiritually uplifting to watch people wearing their guns and holsters to church. Furthermore, imagine how comforting to listen to the word of God’s mercy and love while looking at the gun and holster the minister is wearing.

Somehow it could change the dynamics of the courtroom with the judge, the attorneys and the accused all wearing guns and holsters. Looking at the jury with each wearing a gun and holster might even have some effect on the testimony.

I can see a child pulling the gun from a parent’s holster and blowing up the vegetable aisle. That would be okay because the parent had a right to wear a gun and holster in the grocery store.

And then there are the sporting events where tens of thousands of fans with guns and holsters. It would give disgruntled fans a way to express their displeasure at the referee’s call or an opponents’ behavior.

Of course there would be a great need for a variety of bullets because people would have different sizes and styles of guns. That problem could be handled easily by having bullet vending machines . They could be placed wherever there are snack and beverage machines.

Readers may see this idea of public wearing of guns and holsters as being silly. It undoubtedly is. But is it any more foolish than the NRA’S proposal of having every school employee equipped with a concealed weapon? The only difference I can see is that in one instance the gun is visible and in the other it is concealed. Neither idea makes much sense.