The deliberate killing of our future

Our country has two really huge controversies going on at the present time. The first is the assault rifle ban because of the tragedies that have occurred in our schools against our children, our biggest treasure, the future of our country. The second is abortion, which is against our future children, the future treasure of our country.

We take sides on the number of children affected by assault rifles. In order to determine the most eminent tragedy lets take a look at some facts.

The assault rifles, whether you like it or not, are supported by the Second Amendment in our Constitution and upheld by the Supreme Court decision. Abortion has no constitutional amendment that addresses the act directly but it is supported by a Supreme Court decision.

It would seem that we should be concerned with both present and future children.

We hear that our country is short of workers and we must allow more immigration. How many workers are we short in this country because of abortion? From 1973, when Roe versus Wade was passed, till now, 55,932,529 plus workers would have increased the work force. In the US this year, so far there have been 160,515 plus abortions.

In both of these controversies, one the government condemns, the other it condones, supports and pays for. In both situations our future treasure and our future leaders are involved. In both we have the deliberate killing of our future treasures and leaders. One is done under the guise of “it is the woman’s choice, it is her body.” (Abortion is the second bad choice for the woman). In the second case of the school children, it is not the assault rifle; it is the mental symptoms, game and movie influence of the shooter, which won’t be addressed. The problem in the case of abortion is abortion. The liberal pro-choice candidates accept it and it won’t change and neither will the assault against the Second Amendment. You got what you voted for. The choice is yours. Vote wisely next time.