We must use our gifts

I’d like to follow along with the gifts of 1 Corinthians-4-5 of my last letter.

Every so often God gives his people a chance to be productive to do his work. Lyndon LaRouche has spent his life understanding the works of our world. Going back in history he found a person, Nickolus of Cusa a Cardinal of the Catholic Church in the 15th century. He was the first person to think and promote the need for a “Nation State.” The right of the people to have a sovereign government. He could not move the people of the time, but his teaching

made it possible for Christopher Columbus to set out on the unknown ocean to find the new world, “Our America.” Our Founding Fathers heard of this new wisdom, thus our America was born.

The second Corinthian gift was when Cardinal Mazarin came forward with a solution to the 30 year war. The people had been placed in boundaries by the British of different life styles so this caused conflicts and war. Mazarin’s solution in controversy was the idea of “The Benefit of

the Other” was born. It sealed that war. It became known as the “Westphalia Agreement” An agreement that has stood until now. But now Tony Blair contents that it no longer useful. But something our politicians could learn to use. It was one of George Washington’s actions of settling controversy.

The third Corinthian gift is now. In the past only educated people thought of these solutions. Today we as sovereign people should be able to understand Lyndon LaRouche’s leadership. Just because the media follows the banks condemnation for writing his book, “Dope, Inc.” in which

he names banks that launders Dope income. It has kept him out of the national news. This was published in the 80s He has always worked for the good of “we the people.”

He understands with his search into world actions, what is about to happen unless we stop it. We either get Congress to pass Glass-Steagall into law or the devil takes control. This is our God given chance to use our creativity. Things like this happen only once in our life

time. As bad as it is now, how can we not take this before it gets worse. I pray that we use our gifts.

Please call your Congressman and Senator and ask them to endorse and support Glass-Steagall Act 129. Learn More www.laroucgepub.com