Union Pacific moves unspecified number of jobs out of Marshalltown

It’s unclear how many jobs were lost in Marshalltown, but Union Pacific has shuffled around some employees at the expense of local jobs.

Tom Lange, corporate communications director, said an employee town hall meeting was recently held and changes were communicated to staff members.

He said those changes were a job realignment where Marshalltown workers have been moved to UP’s Boone or Cedar Rapids locations. He said no employees actually lost their job in this process.

“It creates more efficiencies so we can improve our transit time for shipments,” Lange said. “The rationale was improving service to our customers.”

Union Pacific still has a presence in Marshalltown, though it’s unclear how many jobs are leaving the area.

“We’re always disappointed to hear that one of our corporate partners is moving jobs elsewhere,” said Tom Deimerly, president of the Marshall Economic Development Impact Committee. “We’ll do what we can to help move jobs back here in the future.”