My survey famously flops

Remember that column I wrote from a few weeks go asking for readers to send me their nominations for the most famous resident currently living in Marshalltown?

I remember it well, but unfortunately many of you readers didn’t answer my call this time.

I get so much feedback from my other columns (especially involving my children) I thought I’d do a reader survey with the “most famous” idea and collect some votes. I was curious to see who you thought was the VIP of Marshalltown.

I thought, my columns have been read by teachers in Pennsylvania looking for Panther costumes so there would be no problem getting a sampling of votes for who our most famous person is.

Well, the survey didn’t exactly go as planned as the handful of votes that came in weren’t enough to merit a “Most Famous Person” in Marshalltown.

Thanks to those who voted, but looks like too many of you were just trying to survive winter’s wrath the past couple of weeks and didn’t have time to send me a vote.

That’s OK.

I don’t take offense to it.

A song from 2007 comes to mind when sorting through this lack of voting and response. It was performed by country star Miranda Lambert and it is called “Famous in a Small Town.” In the song, Lambert repeats in the chorus “Everybody dies famous is a small town.”

Well, apparently not in this small town. Nobody’s famous.

Or at least nobody is famous enough to vote for.

Do I sound bitter?

Well, let’s just say my survey-in-a-column days are over for now. I suppose I could have promoted it better asking people in person around town who they would vote for, but I didn’t want to skew the results.

So are you curious who did receive some votes? Well, since I only had a small sampling it might not be fair to name names, so I won’t. I will tell you the votes were primarily for local business and company leaders and a couple of attorneys. I had one local Hispanic leader get a vote and one pastor nominated as well.

Since nobody took the crown of the most famous person currently living in Marshalltown, I’ll accept the award on their behalf.

I’ll be signing autographs too.