Message in a song

Over the centuries, the tunes of the songwriters; often are born out of human experiences that shaped their lives. Many times those experiences may come through loss of family or their own internal struggle with sin and disease. But through the pain, death and lesson-learning, they have truly waited on the presence of the heavenly God they know exists.

It is from scripture that we learn all of life is a struggle: life with a purpose. That purpose, is for us to build a faith, outlasting the troubles of this world-for certain troubles will come, often overwhelmingly. There is nothing we can humanly do to achieve heaven, any other way then through Christ. He has made a way for us. Heavenly entry is not automatically given just because we are alive: there are conditions for us to meet. We must see the truth of scripture, believe that Jesus is the price paid for salvation, change what we know is wrong with our lives, while having an open mind that God himself will reveal our faults. We are asked to give up any lifestyles that do not match the gospel of Christ. The final test for us is to believe that what we cannot see; God is truth. Consider Clara Scott, born in 1841 and died in 1897. She wrote “Open my eyes that I may see, glimpses of truth you have for me.” She is spiritually aware that God has more for her to do so she prays for the creator open her eyes, her ears, her mouth and her mind. You may be aware that these are the four senses of our creation, that we usually close off from God – here Clara wants insight as soon as possible. She is willing to see, to be taught, to hear, to understand, and to do the things God has in store for her. We are not told why she is so in need of God’s presence but most likely she has had some close encounter with illness or death and God was waiting for her to cry out for his help. Isn’t that the point we all face, it takes some catastrophic incident to get us to think in terms of our own death and what lies beyond. In the simplest way, Clara’s song offers us a look at the father of love in a journey beyond the grave.