10 people make 90-year-old lady’s day

I was compelled to write this letter because something very nice happened to me on Thursday, Feb. 21. I met some amazing people, and just when I was beginning to lose faith in my fellow man.

My car stalled in the drive-up at Farmer’s Bank on Main Street. Deb summoned help for me and three gentlemen from the bank came out and pushed my car to a parking space, but they didn’t stop there. They borrowed some cables from one of the girls at the bank (thank you too) and with some difficulty they got my car running. I drove around the corner and it stopped again at the stop sign on State Street. Two young men pulled up behind me and realized I was having trouble, so they pushed my car around the corner into a parking spot and proceeded to work on my car.

It was very cold that day, but they worked for about a half hour and got it started. I offered to pay them, but they said absolutely not. Their names were Chris and Nick and I told them I would then, pass along their good deed to someone else in need. I drove to the corner and turned right to Main Street and I stalled again at the stop sign at First and Main and I got out of the car, not knowing what to do and that is when a gentleman in a beautiful red SUV and another young man appeared. I didn’t get the young man’s name, but they pushed my car into an empty spot and then told me to get in the SUV where it was warm. He then took me to the garage to see my mechanic, and said if I needed any more help, to give him a call. Mike at the garage towed my car and by the way Mike’s father happened to be there and he graciously took me home. In no time, I had a new alternator, but I must not forget the very nice lady that was walking down the street when the two young men were working on my car. She insisted I put my gloves on and got them from my car and then zipped my coat for me.

Let’s see, that was 10 people that helped me that day. I was almost glad my car broke down. Oh, by the way, the gentleman in the pretty red SUV was our fire chief. Ten people that day, made this 90-year-old, little ‘ol lady glad that I live in a town that has so many nice people.