Focused, independent learner impresses math teacher

Miller Middle School teacher Nancy Brant Ahn has been impressed with the focus and independent learning ability of one of her math students – Julian Gonzalez.

“Julian wants to learn for himself, not because a teacher makes him,” Brant Ahn said.

Gonzalez, 12, is a seventh grader at Miller, who said he loves math because it allows him to “solve things out.”

Being successful in school important and rewarding to him.

“I like to get good grades,” he said. “It feels good.”

He said one day he would like to become either a teacher or scientist and use math in his career. Not only is Gonzalez focused on learning, but he’s also willing to be a good classmate when needed.

“Julian is friendly and polite and always willing to work with others,” Brant Ahn said. “It is a joy to teach him.”